Shake a leg or two? May be!

The Indian Premier League extravaganza brings with it a lot of sponsor contracts and advertisements. A sponsor which is associated with any franchise is keen to have its players on-board for an advertisement or two during the IPL. Such are the eye balls that are attracted to the TV screens during the month of April and May in India.
In the modern contemporary world, advertisements are not naive to the players. Many of the leading players have had a little or more experience in the ad world. Be it shaking a leg or acting for a particular brand, players tend to model oneself on the requirement of the brand.
But what about the exceptions? Aren't they omnipresent? Yes, they are. One such exception is Kolkata Knight Riders' captain, Gautam Gambhir.
The 35-year old southpaw has led the Knight Riders to two IPL titles (2012 & 2014). Having scored 3,729 runs in 134 IPL matches at an average of 31.33 and a strike rate of 124.79, Gambhir is fourth on the list of Highesr Run-scorers in the IPL, only behind Suresh Raina, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Be it the classy cover drives or the flashy cuts, be it playing the dab to the third-man or the lift over covers, be it captaining or fielding, Gambhir has been there done that.
In spite of that, there is a field where Gambhir is generally gambhir (serious). There is a field where Gambhir's footwork bites the dust. And the field is a dance floor!
Whether it is a party or a sponsor shoot, dance is something which does not come natural to him. In his column in the Hindustan Times, Gambhir wrote, 'I am a quintessential Punjabi who loves his butter chicken and daal. I love my Punjabi music but not those DJ kinds. But I never dance which is very un-Punjabi. I never ever have, not even to please my wife or erstwhile female interests. Not even Mr. Khan (Shahrukh) could make me dance at any of KKR's IPL after-match parties.'
He further added, 'But then there is always a first. Yes, yours truly shook his leg and that too for a sponsor's shoot. Yes, I did. I know my wife Natasha will kill me for this as I have turned down her demands, instructions, and even appeals to shake a leg with her. I didn't even dance at my brother-in-law's bachelor party which Natasha says is criminal.'
Reliance Jio has launched a widespread 'Dhan Dhana Dhan' campaign during the IPL, on which Gambhir made his debut as a dancer. If you concentrate on Gambhir's priceless expressions, you will realise the whole matter. Watch the full video:

Video & Image (Screen Grab) Credits - Gautam Gambhir's Twitter handle.


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